Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4am, a Bagel & a Cigarette

It's 4am, and in exactly 7hours I will be entering into my Chemistry class to write my first test/quiz of the semester, worth 5% of my overall mark. It's a rather simple quiz, simply on matter and knowing the 40 different elements required to know for the class. I've yet to begin studying. Actually I haven't even yet to look through the textbook I charged $110 to my credit card for.

I'm simply just sitting here, smoking my cigarette and slowing eating a ham and cheese bagel I made to pass the time it feels like. I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Deathcab for Cutie is playing. It's been my latest song I've had just on repeat. It's a nice break from the usual channel 95.5 I have playing from my radio.  Clearly not one of my best moments in life, yet I still sit here contently. My bachelor apartment is torn apart. Half in my half-assed attempt to redecorate, the other pure laziness. I just called my friend Sarah. She's sick,  with the flu I believe, yet I still felt some compelling urge to call her and wake her. She wasn't angry, not even the slightest hint of being upset was in her voice that I so rudely woke her. She just listened as I talked nonsense for 5 minutes, then said good bye so she could go back to sleep.

I've been wanting to create a blog for some time now, however now is the time I really feel the need to create one. I just finished watching Julie and Julia around 10pm. That may have something to do with it. While I may not be willing to take on the daunting task of creating all 500+ recipes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I have my own tasks in mind.

Here I plan to blog about my fight against fast food, pop, over spending, cigarettes, and my self-absorbed attitude. Now where to start.....

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